All of us die but not all of us live.  Make yourself a sacred promise today to live.  Promise yourself beauty, laughter, friendship and commitment.   Push yourself to hard places of freedom, difficult places that bring victory.    Promise yourself today that you will live boldly.  Promise yourself today that you will sit out in the sun and let the sun warm your neck.  Wash your hands and feel the water rushing over your fingertips. Pick the dandelion seeds and blow them and make a wish like you used to when you were young.  Curl up and read a delicious novel.   Get up early in the morning and watch the sunrise and then run outside with your camera when the sun is setting.    Turn on the music loud and move your body with the freedom that only you can give yourself.

 Turn grey into colours – chaos into calm.

Dare yourself to love your body; to love your face; to love your hands and your skin, even your scars.

  Give yourself the gift of freedom; the gift to love and to pursue what you want. Write a letter to someone you admire and let them know how you feel.   Smile at strangers and breathe a prayer for them silently as you pass them by.  Pay for someone’s coffee; compliment your neighbour.  

Stand up and stretch to the sky and breathe in deeply.  Breathe in life.  Breathe in hope.  Breathe in contentment even if nothing is going your way.  Let yourself live.  Dare yourself to live.  Will yourself to live.

 Challenge yourself to be brave.  The world belongs to those who are brave; to those who are willing to take chances; take risks.   Most of all, face your fears head on because if you don’t, they will face you head on and they will steal every inch of your soul that they can.  

Live in harmony.  

Live in peace.

Live in total abandonment to freedom like a child who has discovered a mud puddle.

Let the birds song go to the deepest part of your soul.  Let yourself interpret what they are singing and sing along with them.  

Clean your house.  Scrub your floors.  Open the curtains wide.  Light a candle.  Plant a fairy garden.  

We only have one life.  Most of us don’t get a do over.  So  today must be celebrated.  It must be adored like a little child adores a teddy bear until all the fur rubs off and it becomes lumpy in the belly and worn around the nose.  Our life isn’t for saving.  It’s not for a rainy day. It’s not just to enjoy when all our ducks are in a row.     It’s not to play it safe until…. It’s for NOW.  It’s for every day.  Today is the day we celebrate.   Because there is a world out there that is yours.  There is an earth out there made for you. 

 Go out there and live.