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When The Son Sets You Free

 "I have lost almost 40 pounds,"  I said triumphantly.

 My heart doctor just looked at me. I thought he would be thrilled.  Instead, he totally ignored me.  For a second I wondered if he even believed me.  Maybe he thought I was embellishing the fact.  (Mind you, I DID lose twenty of those pounds with my "meningitis diet", which is by the way not endorsed by doctors and certainly not recommended by me.)

He just kept talking about how I needed to lose weight.  "Even twenty or thirty pounds would help a lot."  He said it so flippantly - like every pound didn't cost me sweat, blood, tears, and more tears.  "Skinny mini, like me,"  I heard him say.  Then he laughed, amused at his own joke.  He  laughed like it didn't take months to shed every pound and weeks to gain it all back.

I felt disheartened for a second and then I realized that he was right.  I really wanted a pat on the back for the weight that I had already lost but the truth is,  I can't go on living at this rate either.  He was trying to push me forward - encourage me to keep pressing on - in a "skinny, eccentric doctor" sort of way.

The other day, I was talking to God about losing weight as I often do.  The difficulty, the frustration - all of that. I realize that it's a journey.  But sometimes,  it's a very hard journey.

 I was impressed with a Scripture that I thought, you as my readers, would like to hear as well.  It's in John 8:36 and it says,  "When the Son sets you free, you are free indeed."

I LOVE that!

 Do you have an addiction to food?  I know that I do.  Do you reach for the chocolate when you are depressed?  I know that I do!  Do you choose food to feed your soul when you should be choosing other things?  I do that as well.

For me, it may be food.  For you, it may be alcohol, or video games or sleep - whatever you are addicted to as a way to dull the pain that life sometimes brings.  

The point is, Jesus wants to set us free.  It says right there in the Bible - if He sets you free, then friend you ARE FREE!!!!  No more addictions, no more pain associated with food, no more imbalance when it comes to food.   It's time to invite,  Jesus the healer of our whole bodies,  into that part of our lives.  He wants to heal you from the inside out.  He desires our freedom - body, mind and spirit.

We can do this!!

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